Sunday, May 31, 2009

True Sansha Wraith

Today I was scanning for anomalies & plexes. I scannded 4 systems, I found 3 gravi sites, one Sansha Hub (done in easily in Raven, There were 6 Sansha Cruise Misssile Batteries, 4 waves with 3 Sansha bs'es and 3 Sansha frigates/cruisers). Unfortunately no faction spawn in the end. After that, while I was scanning another system for next possible site, I used my alt to check the belts in adjacent systems. In one of them I came across True Sansha Wraith! accompanied by 4 Sansha Fiend. So immediately I stopped scanning, made 2 jumps to my home station, switch to ratting ship and go 1 more jump and warp to Alt. But True Sansha had gone. So I warped to next belt, Alt warped to another belt, and I checked them all and gates, and I found that faction rat in last belt. After 3 series of 6xParadise cruise missiles + Target Painter he blowed. As the loot I got:

- True Sansha Heat Sink (60m);
- True Sansha Cap Recharger(25m).
Also few pieces of salvage T2. Rest not worth to mention.
It was quite a good day.


This blog is about my experiences in Sansha space.
I will not mention nams of systems I live in.
I will not write about ops my alliance does.

I am not an Uber-Explorer. I just started discovering these magic hidden sites in 0.0 space, and I am going to share my experience here.