Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brokara Ryver

Have you ever seen Officer spawn?
This time I was damn lucky to get it. During the roam, I was scouting in an interceptor. After entering the home system of our enemies, I warped to random belt to try to catch any lazy ratter. My jaws hit the floor when I saw this:

All I could do with my inty was to scramble Brokara. But looks she's immune to e-war. Immediately on TeamSpeak I told that I met officer at belt and all warp to me. They thought I am joking :P They thought I am so excited that I see True Sansha that I call him officer. But hell, I killed dozens of True Sanshas before :P And I can distinguish facion spawn from officer spawn.

As the loot we got:
Brokara's Modified Large Armor Repairer
Brokara Ryver's Tag
True Sansha Large EMP Smartbomb
True Sansha Reactor Control Unit
True Sansha Mega Pulse Laser
True Sansha Heavy Energy Neutralizer
True Sansha Heavy Capacitor Booster
True Sansha Energized Magnetic Membrane
True Sansha Armor Thermic Hardener
True Sansha Magnetic Plating
True Sansha Radio L

Few days before our corpmate also had killed Brokara Ryver, in the same constellation.

In September 2008 I had killed Selynne Mardakar in the same system.

I Love Sansha :D


  1. Very nice loot, hope you got it all :P