Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pristine Sansha Ship Remnants

After a long break for my holidays, I found some spare time to go back to exploration again, for a while. So I scanned down a nice magneto site:

Traditionally "welcome page":

And here is nice picture of what I came across:

There were 6 hackable cans placed around the ancient wreck.
I started to open cans with salvager. No analyzer needed. After opening the second can, sansha guards appeared:

after opening the fourth can, next rats wave appeared. 2 Scrambling frigates and 3 battleships. They killed my cov-ops, I couldn't warp out. No screenshot avaiable, I was too busy watching my cov-ops dying :( But the worst thing, I had loot inside, my bad.
I came back in Raven, in the time Domi was killing the rats and collecting my Buzzard wreck. As a result of can-hacking I got:

Lesson learned: do not use fragile ships where NPCs may surprise you.
At least the loot covered the cost of my new Buzzard (with small rigs, this time).

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  1. Got 38 mil out of it (31.01.2013)