Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sansha Forlorn Hub

I found this Cosmic Anomaly for first time. I heard it is worth to do because there is chance for escalation. So here is scan result:

Initial spawn:

I killed 2 behemots and it triggered second spawn. Please note here below is half of first spawn and whole second spawn:

After killing all rats, third spawn appeared:

nd the last spawn:

I shot Ruined Stargate but I didn't get escalation this time.
Site is soloable in BattleShip in an hour. Drones are very useful.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sansha Port

So yesterday I found another easy Sansha site, it was Sansha Port. I think best ship to solo this site is a Battlecruiser (because of mostly cruiser-size rats), but Battleship works as well. You should take light or medium drones.
Here is initial spawn:

second wave:

third wave:

and the last wave:

Site is doable in less than hour.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Drone Herd

I heard that Rogue Drone anomalies/plexes are common in all regions. Also in my region I regularly find drone sites. Sometimes Rogue Drones guard treasures (eg. Radar cans) together with Sansha rats. Usually I ignore Drone sites but this time I decided to try one.
So here is scan result:

and here is initial spawn:

second wave:

third wave:

and the last wave:

Drone battleships hit hard, especially at close distance.
and look at the alloys and salvage I got:

Soon I calculate how much is this worth.
I soloed this site with Dominix in about an hour.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Central Sansha Survey Site

Today I have also done some deeper scanning, and here are results:

Nice Radar site, I hoped for yummy loot :P
So welcome page:

and initial spawn:

Please see 7 hackable cans on top of overview :D
I killed all rats (light drones helped alot) and started to open cans with Codebreaker. After hacking into the cans, usually 3 frigates appeared, and I couldnt drag loot until they ewre dead. Finally I hacked and looted all of the cans, and here is what I got:

9 Datacore - Amarrian Starship Engineering - 160k each
221 Auxiliary Parts - 1,1k each
38 Force Cable - 8,3k each
2 Circular Logic - 1,2m each
1 Classic Doctrine - 8m
1 Formation Layout - 4,5m
1 Amarr Encryption Methods - 5m

In total around 22m. Nice for 1 hour of easy site.
But, hell, ratting is better and more direct income ;/

Sansha Hub

Today I completed Sansha Hub again. But this time I have screenshots of all spawns in this anomaly. Here it goes:
Initial spawn:

after killing whole wave, next came:

and next:

and the last wave:

I completed this site with Dominix alone. I needed to run Cap Booster(800) few times to be able to run 2x LAR II periodically, when new waves were coming and damage dealt was highest. But site rather easy.

Sansha Base

Here are nice scan results from last night scanning:

It took me 35 mins to pinpoint all these sites (except anomaly).

I decided I try Sansha Base. So here below is first room:

After completing first room, gate unlocked. Here is initial spawn in second room:

After killing the first wave, next wave came:
(I killed 3 frigates before I made screenshot)

And that's all. No faction spawn in the end.
Site is doable in well tanked BS. Just kill scramming frigates first. I did it with Domi and Raven, in less than 30 mins. Killing Large Collidable Structures resulted in small ammo can.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sansha Rally Point

It is quite easy site.
Here is screenshot from initial spawn:

Second and last wave was half of initial spawn.
Please note there is no BSes. Only threat is few webbing/scramming frigates.
Site is soloable in well-tanked BS. Maybe BC but I'm not sure.
Light & medium drones are essential.

I didn't get faction spawn in the end.

lots of trit

today after DT i got 3x Sansha Convoy, each carrying 12.5M of tritanium.
Yummy :D
But before I found True Sansha Devil (True Sansha Reflecting Plating) not much ;/

I'm much more happy of 37.5M trit, I'll be able to built like 6 BSes :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sansha Trailer

Today while I was ratting, 2x Sansha Trailer appeared on belt. Sansha Trailers are BS size icon NPC Sansha ship carrying minerals. In one I found 0.68M of Mexallon, and in the another one I found 6,25M of Tritanium. Well, It is enough to build a battleship :D Or if I sell for 4 isk per unit of Tritanium, I get 25M. Nice loot, but quite much hauling. My 2 chars fly with industrial ships with around 10k m3 so I was able to carry 2x 1M of minerals in one run. But I could be more lucky and get even more minerals to haul. Hope next time :)

Sansha Sanctum

I found few nice screenshots in my eve capture directory, but hell I couldnt remember what was the name of that site. But I was lucky enough to have a screenshot with scan results :D

But lets come to main story.
Initial spawn:

After killing all NPC in first wave, next came:

Third wave:

Fourth wave:

This last wave was quite more difficult. My Raven couldnt tank whole room then, but dual LAR Domi with resistances EM 89%, Therm 84%, with Large Cap Injector(800), and medium remote repped by Raven was more than enough. Sansha's dps tanked over 1000. This is my way of tanking and it works fine for me. But I believe Sansha Sanctum is soloable in well tanked BS, or Command ship. (even easier in Nightmare or Marauder). You just need enough dps to break Tyrant's tank (187, my estimate).

Unfortunately no faction spawn in the end. Hope next time :D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Central Sansha Sparking Transmitter

Today scanning 7h after DT gave me that nice result:

When I warped to the site at 100km with cloaked covops, I got such welcome message:

There were 12 light and heavy missile towers, not much damage. Also 3 Sansha frigates. I sent covops to station and took Raven. When I shot the frigates, there another spawn appeared:
2 Elite cruisers (Loyal Sansha)
3 Cruisers
6 Frigates

I shot them all and started to hack the cans:
1 Sansha Databank
2 Sansha Mainframe
2 Sansha Com Tower

After hacking into 2 cans, 3 frigates spawned, and I couldnt open them until they were killed. Opening these cans took me 5-10 min each so I had to be patient.
Here is what I got from cans:

loot prize:
Amarr Encryption Methods skillbook: 4-5M
Classic Doctrine amarr decryptor: 10-14M
Total Datacores: 14-16M

In my opinion that site was soloable in Battlecruiser in 1,5h easily. But first time you never know :D

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pristine Sansha Abandoned Colony: try no. 2

I was scanning twice the same system today. First time I found only grav site, but 2 hours later I found also magnetometric site, and it was Pristine Sansha Abandoned Colony. Me and my Alt: Raven and tanked Dominix, fleet warped to the site. I took less than hour to clear the initial spawn and the second wave. In total more than 10 Drone BS, around 20 cruisers and like 20 frigates. I had to warp out few times, Raven was tanking better than Dominix, because I fitted Domi to tank Sansha, not Drones. But finally all NPCs were dead.

There were 6 cans to be salvaged:
-2 Sansha Ship Hulks;
-3 Sansha Ship Remains;
-1 Sansha Ship Ruins;

Here is my loot:

Yummy salvage T2, worth more than 100m :D
Minerals to refine from alloys around 10m :)
Fun: priceless :P

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Doing things in Duel

Eve-Online is that kind of game, in which having 2 accounts is very profitable and give really much more fun and possibilities.

Well-known examples:
Miner + Hauler
Ratter/Missioner + Salvaging Looter/Logistic
Tanker + Damage Dealer

Raven isn't good tanker (Sansha does damage EM/Thermal) nor damage dealer (missiles ...)

Few days ago Dominix surprised quite much. My Alt is Gallente and has many skill in Drones but none in Large Hybrid Weapons, so Domi was first natural choice. I tried a fit:

[Dominix, Uber Tank]
N-Type EM Hardener I
N-Type EM Hardener I
N-Type Thermic Hardener I
N-Type Thermic Hardener I
N-Type Thermic Hardener I
Damage Control II
Large Armor Repairer II

It gives almost 600 dps tankable. Quite nice, comparing to Raven.

Pristine Sansha Abandoned Colony

Well, this time is a bitter-sweet story ;)

After scanning 4 systems, I found 2 signals. It was quite late at night, but I decided to pinpoint one of them. The chosen one has quite a weak signal so it took me about 10 mins to get the type. It turned to be Magneto site :D :D my first, and I was expecting great loot. I warped to it with Covops, and immediately warped to me with Alt in pod at 10km. Rats never shoot to pods. There were 5 cans for hacking. But, hell, also there were so many rats that I didn't believe I could tank them with my Alt's Dominix (Resistance EM/Thermal: 88%/89%, LAR II, EFT says its 660 dps tank). I decided to give up.

I came next day, and rats were gone. Cans either. :( Someone have had cleared the room during the night. Or the site just despawned. Rather the second option. But I alreade prepared a fit for Domi with 1000 dps Sansha tankable :D

Wish me good luck for next time o/

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sansha Haven

This anomaly was harder than Sansha Hub. I found it with covops and warped to it in cloak. Here is initial spawn:
2x Centum Loyal Fiend
2x Centior Monster
6x Centus Overlord
2x Factory Defence Battery.
My Alt came in tanked Dominix, and I immediately warped with covops to take Raven. Domi was full of cap batteries 800, to be able to run its tank for long. I released sentry drones to get aggro, and scoop them to save them. There were 4 spawns, hitting quite strong. But I was able to keep Domi alive and draw dps with safe Raven. It took me 75 mins to kill all. Net time I should bring more dps, because cruise missiles and 5 sentry drones t1 is not what satisfied me.

No faction spawn in the end, but I am proud I finished this site :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sansha Hub

I scanned 3 systems with my covops, and I found cosmic anomaly named Sansha Hub. I warped to it cloaked, and took a look around. There were:

To keep this site alive I warped in pod with my Alt.
I was not sure if I can tank this room with my Raven, so stayed with Alt's pod all the time there. Once I warped with Raven at 70km, I started to spread damage, align to planet and move slowly (117m/s) away from the spawn, because I was not sure if I can tank it, and be ready to warp off if needed. Fortunately these Overlords were moving as slow as me, and I was far behind their optimal, so they were "barely scratching" me. And I could easily keep the distance. As soon bses are killed, I shoted towers and then small stuff using also Target Painter and medium drones.

It turned out that initial spawn was the hardest. Next 3 waves came with 3 bses and up to 10 support (frigates, cruisers and their elite versions).

In the end I wasn't enough lucky today and True Sansha didn't appear.