Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sansha Forlorn Hub

I found this Cosmic Anomaly for first time. I heard it is worth to do because there is chance for escalation. So here is scan result:

Initial spawn:

I killed 2 behemots and it triggered second spawn. Please note here below is half of first spawn and whole second spawn:

After killing all rats, third spawn appeared:

nd the last spawn:

I shot Ruined Stargate but I didn't get escalation this time.
Site is soloable in BattleShip in an hour. Drones are very useful.


  1. I've read somewhere before that a cosmic anomaly can escalate, but after running a ton of them, I've never seen it happen. Have you ever had one escalate?

    I run them for the chance of a faction spawn at the end, of which I've had plenty. The anomaly's are also great for ratting in hostile space because you have time to cloak up incase a gang comes into the system and spams tackle into all the asteroid belts.

  2. I run these daily, first spawn for mine always has 4 high value battleships and every spawn after that has 7 sometimes even 8, most worth over a mil each. that makes this site worth nearly 30mil a run every time, well worth it.