Monday, September 21, 2009

Pristine Sansha Abandoned Colony

A lot of nice salvage, T1 and T2. First scanning results:

Now welcome page:

I warped to this site as usual, in Cruise Raven dual RR and Sentry Domi Shield & Cap Transfer. Just took kinetic resistance mods against Rogue Drones. Here they are:

Be prepared for 2 more similar waves after opening 2 random cans.
If you look at your tank carefully, this site is quite easy. There is no scrambling/webbing drone. But if you warp out when you have touched any of hackable cans, the site dissappear. You need about an hour do complete this site, including shoting Rogue Drones, and breaking into cans. As result, you get:

I did not collect drone alloys this time.I got 9 Intact Armor Plates, 14m each at Jita. It makes 126m when I sell them :)
Quite nice for 1 hour job. Good luck you too.


  1. Love your blog -- I'm also an explorer and I really find this stuff useful!

  2. Will you tell us what ship(s) you fly?

  3. As an experienced player returning to the game from a 2 year hiatus I have found your blog to be one of the most useful exploration tools on the web since my return.

    I have mostly been focused on pvp over the years but was looking for a way to make a quick buck, especially given the fact I have acess to good 0.0 Sansha space.

    I notice you havent posted since Septermber - hope your still going at it! Best of luck.

  4. No additional spawns for me when I opened the cans.