Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pristine Sansha Dumped Cargo

I had no time to do any exploration for 2 weeks, but yesterday I clonejumped to my homestation and started scanning for space treasures. Very soon I found this one:

Interesting, I have never found this before, even never heard about. So I took my Raven and Dominix and warped to this site (bookmarked before with covops).
Welcome page:

Looks like CCP didnt fit the name well :P

No gate, 6 cans, and few rogue drones on overview:

But wtf, what is on center of the screen?

Good job, CCP graphic artists :D
It is Drone Structure, easy to destroy, no loot.

I started to open the cans, one by one. Only salvager was needed. No codebreaker nor analyzer. While I was opening the cans, 3 waves of rogue drones appeared, like this one:

Solo it would be hard to survive this spawn, but possible. Remember, if you warp out, the site disaappear, if at least 1 can is touched.
Finally I broke into all cans, 4 of them yielded in nice salvage, here is what I got in total:

Please note that Intact Armor Plates are 14m at Jita each. Other salvage is about 3m total.

I also sacrificed my time to tractor and salvage and loot the minerals from rogue drones, 3 strong waves + initial spawn:

Estimated value of minerals (at 100% yield) about 9m.

Clearing the Pristine Sansha Dumped Cargo took me a bit more than an hour. But it was quite challenging and profitable. Good luck you too.


  1. I do this site in a Myrmidon. The key is going fast for the cans and praying your salvager cycles the can fast. Usually, I can get all 5 cans before I have to warp out, but sometimes I have to miss the last can. Sticking around to kill everything for an extra 10 Million in minerals is not worth it for me.

    Great site, keep up the good work

  2. I just finished this site with my Drake, fit:

    [Drake, PVE's Drake]

    7x Advanced 'Limos' Heavy Missile Bay I (Thunderbolt Heavy Missile)
    Salvager I

    2x Shield Recharger II
    2x Large Shield Extender II
    Invulnerability Field II
    Photon Scattering Field II

    2x Shield Power Relay II
    2x Ballistic Control System II

    3x Medium Core Defence Field Purger I

    The trick is to keep npc's at long range (all rats killed at 40-50km) and shot them :)

  3. 11 Intact Armor Plates and 50 Armor Plates from this site, best Magneto ever for me!